Nutrigenetics allows, through the study of DNA, to determine the quantity and quality of nutrients that each person needs. Dr. Gaia Zaccarelli, Head of the Clinical Nutrition and Diet Therapy Service at the Private Clinic Villa Igea in Modena, at our Outpatient Clinic in Modena offers specialist services for the diagnosis and treatment of all […]

Botulinum toxin

Botulinum toxin

Botulinum toxin is a safe, patented drug that temporarily relaxes the mimic muscles of the face, preventing, or reducing the formation of, unsightly frown lines. Botulinum toxin is the ideal treatment for those who want to minimize the so-called expression lines (or dynamic wrinkles) of the upper part of the face, especially the forehead and […]

Terapia rigenerativa Sefiller

Sefiller regenerative therapy

Sefiller regenerative therapy consists of a small sampling (performed under local anesthesia) of a few subcutaneous fat cells, through a microcannula, which are then injected into areas of the face that require regenerative therapy. This allows to rejuvenate the tissue and restore tone, firmness and shine to the skin. The effects of the treatment can […]

Chemical peeling

Chemical peel

The Chemical Peeling is a beauty treatment that stimulates the exfoliation and the consequent turnover of the skin through the application of a chemical substance on the skin. In this way the old cells of the superficial skin layer, which are guilty of making the face dull and dull, are removed from the skin. Mandelic […]



Mesotherapy consists in the intradermal injection of drugs and/or active ingredients to combat cellulite, fight water retention and even oppose skin aging.  The injection is carried out by means of very thin needles, specially selected for mesotherapy: the needles, 6 mm long, allow the injection of small quantities of pharmacological solution into the intradermal area. […]

Bidirectional pull wires

Fili di trazione

The traction wires, are made of biocompatible and resorbable material. They have resorbable anchoring cones along their course. The sets of cones are oriented in the opposite direction toward the end of the suture, they are bidirectional. The immediate effect is a lifting effect by lifting and repositioning the tissues. In a second moment the […]