Hyaluronic Acid

The physical and molecular characteristics of hyaluronic acid allow you to maintain proper skin hydration, its molecule binds a substantial number of water molecules.

The wrinkle-filling effect is extremely natural, giving the face a more youthful and rested look, without any distortion of the physiognomy.

The results are visible immediately and may last a few months, depending on the treatment area and the type of hyaluronic acid.

Thereafter, a filler touch-up may be needed about 15 days apart.

On the face, it is used for remodeling and volumetric augmentation of the lips and cheekbones, restoration of proper facial proportions, naso-labial folds, frontal wrinkles, mouth wrinkles (barcode), periocular wrinkles (crow’s feet).


  • Frontal wrinkles, periocular, necklaces of Venus and décolleté
  • Loss of volume of the zygomatic, malar, mental and labial regions
  • Congenital hypotrophies
  • Depressed scars (eg. from acne)


A session lasts about 30 minutes depending on the area to be treated. A follow-up visit is generally recommended after 15-20 days.

During this session the possibility of a possible retouching will be evaluated.


  • Avoid photo-exposure in the first week.
  • Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures, i.e., prolonged heat sources (e.g., saunas, steam rooms) or intense cold.
  • Cosmeceutici solo da consiglio medico


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