Carboxytherapy for the Body

The Carboxytherapy is a therapy used in aesthetic medicine for the treatment of cellulite, localized adiposity, scars, vulvar rejuvenation, and biostimulation face / body, through the administration of carbon dioxide gas subcutaneous and intradermal.

Carboxytherapy, by causing vasodilation of the microcirculation, improves blood flow and skin metabolism and increases tissue oxygenation.

In addition, there seems to be a release of growth factors that improve circulation at the capillary level, stimulating lipolysis and encouraging regeneration of the dermis.

The carbon dioxide is injected locally, using a very fine needle (30G-32G) on all the affected areas. The concentration is established by the aesthetic doctor according to the problem to be treated.

The frequency of the sessions is once or twice a week for a cycle of 12/15 sessions.


  • Borse e occhiaie
  • Invecchiamento cutaneo
  • Lassità tissutali


Face, neck and décolleté


  • The duration of each session is a few minutes
  • The therapy is usually performed initially weekly and then every 10-15 days as maintenance.
  • A therapeutic cycle may consist of 12/15 sessions.
  • The treatment program, including the maintenance period is prescribed by the doctor according to the need of the patient.


Avoid photo-exposure. Avoid prolonged exposure to very high temperatures (e.g. saunas, Turkish baths).


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