Nutrigenetics allows, through the study of DNA, to determine the quantity and quality of nutrients that each person needs.

Dr. Gaia Zaccarelli, Head of the Clinical Nutrition and Diet Therapy Service at the Private Clinic Villa Igea in Modena, at our Outpatient Clinic in Modena offers specialist services for the diagnosis and treatment of all problems related to nutrition, using innovative methods.

He began the medical profession as a doctor in medical radiology techniques, earning a second degree in Applied Dietetic Sciences in the year 2011. In 2014 I obtain the title of Doctor of Nutrition Sciences at the University La Sapienza of Rome.

In addition to carrying out the nutritional examination and the elaboration of the personalized dietary scheme, he performs GENETIC TESTS through a simple salivary swab, which allow to obtain information on the genetic component, which is unique in each of us, that regulates the functioning of our organism.

Genetic tests are not only addressed to patients who need to lose weight, but to all those who want to have an assessment of their health status as prevention.

The genetic tests available are:

  1. Genodiet Sensor, to identify any food intolerances and sensitivities of genetic origin.
  2. Genodiet Health, for a personalized and complete evaluation of individual physiological and metabolic characteristics for a tailored prevention.
  3. Genodiet Slim, a concrete support to define a balanced and tailored diet plan, to lose weight more quickly and easily.
  4. Genodiet Sport, to define the training and nutrition plan that makes the most of one’s potential, improving sports performance.
  5. Genokit antiaging, which analyzes specific biomarkers to trace the profile of cellular aging.
  6. Procrea nutrigenokit, for targeted nutrition during pregnancy.
  7. Genokit Cardiorisk, to prevent cardiovascular risk.
  8. Stressox Genokit, for oxidative stress.
  9. Vitamin Genokit, to evaluate a genetic predisposition to osteoporosis.
  10. Genokit Bambino, to know which are the metabolic predispositions towards fundamental substances that are introduced with the diet.
  11. Genokit Woman, typically female problems are taken into consideration, such as the predisposition to osteoporosis, the analysis of the MTHFR gene provides useful indications on the use of oral contraceptives, the predisposition to migraines.

It is also possible to perform the following tests by finger blood sampling, using a small lancing device:

  1. Test for intestinal dysbiosis, in addition to finger blood sampling also requires a urine sample, to assess a deficiency or imbalance of intestinal flora.
  2. Lipidomics, studies the composition of fatty acids in the body, taking into account the most representative compartment, namely the cell membrane, highlighting functions and variations related to different physiological and pathological situations.
  3. Food intolerance, to search for IgE mediated, immunoglobulins that the body produces when exposed to an allergen.
  4. Rast test, aimed at finding antibodies to specific allergens (environmental and food), it evaluates the presence of immunoglobulin E (IgE) in order to confirm the predisposition to specific allergic reactions.
  5. Nutrigenetics, is performed with a simple salivary swab, to identify a predisposition to celiac disease (chronic inflammation of the small intestine, triggered by the ingestion of gluten in genetically susceptible individuals) or an intolerance to lactose, the main sugar in milk.

Also specializes in:

Slimming with the SAIP Method (Penta Integrated Food System), which incorporates the 1973 thinking of the American Harvard professor Blackburn G.L., also a researcher at M.I.T. Thanks to this method, you can lose weight easily, while preserving muscle mass.

METABOLIC HOLTER or Sense Wear Armband (SWA)is a multi-sensor instrument that, worn on the right arm for a period of time, provides calculation of energy expenditure and quantification of physical activity during normal daily activities, sleep. Physiological signals from the body will be used to calculate energy expenditure based on predetermined algorithms. The analysis of these algorithms, allows the doctor to precisely draw up a nutritional protocol at personam.