Attiva Endodermal Radiofrequency is a latest-generation radiofrequency with continuous and pulsed emission, which opens the way to an operational revolution: the endodermal radiofrequency carried out with a needle equipped with a thermocouple.

Attiva Endodermal is a non-surgical treatment with extraordinary effects on wrinkles and skin laxity. Thanks to the propagation of heat delivered through a microcannula inserted through a tiny hole in the subcutaneous tissues, we obtain the stimulation of all tissue components and in particular the production of collagen and elastin. Already from the first treatment this mechanism is triggered allowing an increasing continuity of results. 

Through a special camera (thermal imaging camera) during the execution is monitored the area of heat and through the screen of the equipment the general temperature settings within the tissue. In this way it is possible to perform millimetric movements with a maximum heat variability of just 3 G° and in this way perfect results are achieved.

The treatment of Active Endodermic Radiofrequency is not painful, it can be performed without anesthesia with temperatures below 45 ° and with a small anesthesia for higher temperatures. Anesthesia is always intended to be local.


Face, abdomen, inner thigh, inner arms, buttocks